Sunday, September 29, 2013

May, June and July! Oh my!

Well, it seems like the time has quickly come and gone and, seeing how these months are long gone, I thought I would just fill in the gap for the spring here.

Since Caitlin and I are now married, this blog will mostly fill space for my ruminations on Japan and the various adventures that we get ourselves into that don't make it to the monthly newsletters posted on Caitlin's blog.

May, June and July went by fast, and the first trimester of my second year of classes was over before I knew it. Between finish grading, continuing to plan new classes and getting ready for our wedding, things were quite busy.

We did have Sports Day again, which was again enjoyable, even though the black team didn't win.
Cheering on the black team!
School proceeded as usual for the most part, although I am teaching new classes and still had to continually plan every week and still keep up with grading.

One of my favorite diversions from the planning was the time spent with Caitlin, mostly by Skype calls, but also with a few lovely visits from her, and occasionally, with her sister in tow. We also managed to plan for our wedding and transport the majority of Caitlin's things down to Kyoto in preparation for her moving down after said wedding.
A wonderful visit and good food too!
That's a quick wrap up of the quickly fleeting spring. We appreciate your prayers and please continue to pray for both the work we do in Japan and our new marriage!

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