Monday, August 4, 2008

Capture the flag

Sports Fest might have been hard, but capture the flag made up for it big time. Capture the flag in Japan is a little bit different from the old favorite. First off, there are no safe zones; if you're tagged anywhere in bounds, you go to jail. Tagging is a bit different too. You tag someone by hitting them with a sock filled with flour. Interesting eh? The jail is three minutes long and then you're off. The flags are similar, we used plastic bottles with glow sticks inside. One on each side of the field was to be protected by the teams and the third flag was hidden somewhere in between. The fighting was fierce on both sides and after the first victory, the other team requested a rematch. The next game was incredible competition and in the final minute, our team captured three of the flags to bring us to total victory. Victory was very sweet, especially after the crushing defeat at sports fest and also because I helped to bring in one of the final flags.

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