Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Safe and Sound in Japan.

Our team.
We have arrrived safe in Japan and after spending several days in Tokyo are in our respective areas. Training went well and it was good to meet everyone and be encouraged by our leaders, who have spent more in Japan and know more about the culture and people.

My team is one of the most interesting groups of people I've ever met. We work together well, even if we do get sidetracked sometimes. I'm surprised that we can get along as well as we do with so many different personalities, but I guess we have no choice but to work together. I really like them even though I don't know them super well yet, but they are a great group to work with.

Our area is Shizuoka. It's a small(for Japan) town southwest of Tokyo. Our team is going to be working with the BEST (Bible English Sports and Travel) club from Shizuoka University for the summer and three of us, myself included are going to be working with the ACE (Adventure Club in English) club, which is a junior high group. Unfortunately, this means we will be missing the sports day on Thursdays, which for me is kinda sad. I do get to hang out with the students, both junior high and college though, so it's been fun so far and I'm looking forward to doing more with the students. That's it for know, next time I'll describe the sports festival I went to.

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